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Benefits of our Qtp Online Training Course:

  • You Can Achieve QTP Certification
  • You Can Get QTP Tester Job With our Job Refferral Program.
  • You can Solve All QTP Issues Which you are Unfamiliar during QTP testing Projects
  • Get Access to 1000’s of QTP Tutorials and Save them to your Desktop. 

Our QTP Training Course Advantages :

  • Practical Examples for Every Topic
  • Basic & Advanced Topis of QTP
  • Industry Experienced Trainers
  • Free updates through news letters 
  • Free access to online library and blogs
  • Assignments and examples for all topics 
  • Cloud labs with virtual assistance to practice 
  • Interaction with instructors and peers  for discussions 
  • State of the art articles written by testing gurus 
  • 100% QTP Certification Guarenteed
  • 100% QTP Job Guarenteed.
  • 5GB Of QTP Online Training Materials and Guides
  • Mock Tests Every Week and Mock Interviews Every Session.
  • Result Oriented Training Sessions
  • Live Chat Access & High Interactivity Classes.
  • Recordable & Archived Classes.

Course Syllabus:

Interview Questions:

Training Videos: